Sunday, 11 December 2011

TechArva Technical Services

Last Tuesday, we have a customer from USA. His name was Jacob. He has serious problem with the AOL. His AOL account was not working properly and he was not able to do anything with his account. He tried his best to access his AOL account but he can’t. Actually his account was hacked by someone, and he was not able to reset password. It has very important and confidential company documents in it. That’s the reason why he was Scared. He decided to search a company that provides the AOL help and support.
Jacob got many option for that from Google within few seconds. He got our website and visit the website immediately. Jacob immediately dialed on our Toll-free number 1-800-838-8395 and explains everything to our Technical expert. Our Technical experts got the problem and start working on it immediately. Jacob feels very happy the way TechArva experts deals with and was very impress with the support and services that TechArva Services offers to him.  TechArva experts take the remote of the Jacob’s system and start working on it. Everything was fixed within 15 minutes and Jacob was very happy. Yesterday, we again call Jacob to check the status of the AOL account and he was very happy and satisfied.
Now Jacob is satisfied customer of the TechArva Services and he also refers TechArva Services to their friends also. He always says: - Thank you TechArva for the help and support you provided to me.

TechArva Services

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